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Board of


Epica™ International, Inc.

Meet The Team


Thomas R. Grossman

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Chairman, Board of Directors


Mr. Grossman presently runs Union Avenue Advisors LP, a company he founded in 2009, where he builds customized portfolios for separately managed accounts in the international markets. Prior to starting Union Avenue Advisors, Mr. Grossman was a portfolio manager at Ospraie Management, LLC from 2007 to 2008. He also established Aeneas Capital Management in 2000 and ran the business through 2008. Mr. Grossman’s extensive financial background includes positions as director of SAC International Equities LLC from 1997-2000, head of international trading for Kingdom Capital Management LLC from 1994-1997, international sales and trading desk at Goldman Sachs & Co from 1992-1994, analyst at Bridge Trading Co. from 1990-1992, and trader in equity options at Shearson Lehman Hutton from 1988-1990. Mr. Grossman graduated cum laude from Lehigh University, where he received a BS in finance.


Dr. Randy 

Axelrod, M.D.

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Dr. Axelrod is a Seasoned Physician executive and healthcare thought leader with more than 30 years of cumulative experience, accountability and achievements in for profit, public, and not-for-profit healthcare organizations with responsibility in all areas of healthcare and financial structures, initiating, managing and operating multibillion dollar businesses and developing and executing comprehensive strategic plans resulting in improved financial returns, clinician engagement, clinical improvements and healthier communities.


Dr. Axelrod served as the Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer for Providence Health & Services, organizing system wide quality and safety, clinical programs, clinical innovation, research evaluation and key supply chain and capital purchase strategies. Previously he served as SVP for Healthcare Management at WellPoint, the VP and Executive Medical Director at Sentara Healthcare and the President of HealthSpring Medical Group.  Dr. Axelrod’s work on the use of artificial intelligence in health care resulted in internationally accepted publications and several national awards. Recently Dr. Axelrod and the POWERDOT team won first-place in the Heritage Health Plan predictive modeling contest at the first and second milestones and final competition – a contest predicting readmissions. He has also received the Virginia Public Health Association Recognition Award.


Dr. Axelrod earned his MD at The University of Cincinnati Medical School and was a practicing pediatric physician and surgeon.


Dr. Damiano Fortuna

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Imaginalis President, Epica International President, CEO, Director


Dr. Fortuna is president of Epica International as well as CEO and president of Imaginalis S.r.l, the manufacturer of Epica’s HDCT products. Prior to Epica, Dr. Fortuna served as the executive director of the PhotoBioLab research unit of El.En. s.p.a., the market leader in laser research and manufacturing for medical and industrial applications. Dr. Fortuna spent seventeen years in veterinary practice and twelve years in basic and applied veterinary medical research of laser surgery and therapy with El.En. s.p.a. He received his degree in veterinary medicine from University of Pisa and completed postdoctoral training through various universities in Europe, where he focused on Italian veterinary medicine, food hygiene, public health, and innovative microscopy for biotechnology.


Dr. Renzo Valleggi

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Chief Technology Officer of Epica International, Director

Dr. Valleggi is a founder, board chair, and chief executive officer of Gruppo Scienzia Machinale S.r.l. An accomplished mechanical engineer, he has worked in the research, development, and robotics department of Scienzia Machinale (the first spin-off of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa) since 1992. Dr. Valleggi spent more than fifteen years developing innovative products for defense, healthcare, and domestic appliances within the industrial automation sectors. Dr. Valleggi is the author of several patents and holds a Ph.D. in the mechanics of materials from the University of Pisa.

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Joe Soto

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Joe Soto serves as Epica International’s treasurer and shares in consulting and directorial duties. He is a co-founder and chief executive officer of Facilitated Growth LLC, a management consulting firm based in New York City, that specializes in capital strategy and business development for early stage companies. Mr. Soto handles the Firm’s financial structuring, investment opportunities, and limited partner relations. Prior to Facilitated Growth, Mr. Soto served as the chief financial officer of Jurasic Industries and as a commercial banking specialist for Quadrant Funding, LLC. Across Mr. Soto’s private equity interests, he holds various advisory and directorial positions, primarily on behalf of Facilitated Growth. Mr. Soto attended Mercyhurst College, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration and a BA in hospitality management.


Greg Stoutenburgh

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Founder of Epica Medical Innovations, Director


Greg Stoutenburgh is the founder of Epica Medical Innovations and Epica International. He currently serves Epica as Sr. VP of Peregrine Radiology and also in Product Development, Applications, Training, and Marketing. Prior to founding the Epica companies in 2012, Mr. Stoutenburgh spent 22 years operating over 100 Veterinary practices in various capacities as well as some medical and dental practices. He founded and managed CORE Veterinary Management, Symphony Veterinary Management, and California Veterinary Practices, LLC. In 2005 while  still operating his own practices Mr. Stoutenburgh began working for Sound-Eklin, a division of VCA Antech as VP of Marketing and Advanced Modalities where he was responsible for capital equipment and software development for the largest Imaging company in veterinary medicine. With Sound he developed and brought successfully to market several Digital Radiography systems, PACS Software Solutions, 2 Surgical planning software applications, 3D Software for CT and MR, an Electronic Brachytherapy platform for intraoperative radiation therapy, and High Intensity Laser Therapy. In this capacity working with Lasers Mr. Stoutenburgh met Damiano Fortuna and they conceived of a plan to create the prototype of Vimago with a group of Italian engineering firms and then formed Epica. Mr. Stoutenburgh Received his BS in Biology: Ecology and Environmental Biology and did his graduate studies in Evolutionary Ecology and Complexity.

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