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New Video Of SandRob: Sanding And Finishing DALLARA’S Carbon Fiber Components

Published (17.04.2019) via

Dallara Automobili is one of the most prestigious customers that Roboticom is really proud of. Thanks to their availability, with this video we are able to bring you inside the historic Varano de’ Melegari plant and show you how our finishing robot SandRob is employed in the production process.

Here SandRob carries out trimming, sanding and drilling on carbon fiber components that are part of the new car model Dallara Stradale, automatically switching from one operation to the other. The peculiar feature of this installation is represented by the use of waterjets for cutting.

The flexibility of SandRob allows the integration of multiple operations in one same work station, removing all downtimes and moving from the concept of stage efficiency to the concept of process efficiency.

A complete ad flexible robotic solution that ensures high precision and repeatable results on complex shapes. This is what Roboticom can offer to all its customers.

Enjoy the video!


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