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Epica International, Inc.

Phoenix Financial Services

We are a comprehensive financial services company, located in the heart of the financial district in New York City. Phoenix Financial Services was created to provide a high level of personalized service, which we feel has been lacking at the big “supermarket” firms.


Our representatives are fully equipped and available to answer your financial questions and provide all of your financial service needs, including financial advice, retirement planning, and financial product analyses.


We specialize in alternative investments which may complement your existing investment portfolio.  Many of these products are unavailable to most investors who are trading at “discount brokerages” or “big box financial firms.”

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Facilitated Growth

In 2013, Epica enlisted the consultancy services of Facilitated Growth to develop a comprehensive business plan aimed at revolutionizing both veterinary care and human medical imaging industries.

During the same year, Facilitated Growth's investment division spearheaded the initial financing round by providing an initial cash injection. Over the years, Facilitated Growth continued to invest several million dollars across multiple rounds of Epica's fundraising endeavors, establishing itself as one of the top three financial contributors to the company.

As a trusted consultant, Facilitated Growth actively participated in and successfully guided Epica through each subsequent financing round. Additionally, they played a pivotal role in facilitating the acquisition of two international manufacturing companies, showcasing their invaluable long-term partnership with Epica.

Presently, Joe Soto, the managing partner and former CEO of Facilitated Growth, not only holds a seat on Epica's board of directors, but also took up the position of Epica's chief executive officer as of February 2023. This ongoing collaboration underscores the enduring and vital advisory role that Facilitated Growth continues to play within the company.


Creative Life Science Capital
SWK Holdings Corporation (“SWK”) is a publicly traded, specialized finance company with a focus on the global healthcare sector. SWK partners with ethical product marketers and royalty holders to provide flexible financing solutions at an attractive cost of capital to create long-term value for both SWK’s business partners and its investors.

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El.En. S.p.A. is an Italian Hi-Tech industrial group operating in opto-electronics with proprietary technologies and know-how developed over 30 years of experience. We are an international group counting more than 30 companies active worldwide in several market segments involving laser technologies applications.

Since its foundation El.En. constantly increased its turnover, leveraging and expanding its global presence . We benefit of a worldwide distribution network, count over 1.400 employees and more than 35,000 installed laser sources.

We design, manufacture and sell on a global basis

  • medical laser devices used in dermatology, surgery, aesthetics, physiotherapy, dentistry and gynecology;

  • industrial laser systems for applications ranging from cutting, marking and welding of metals, wood, plastic and glass to the decoration of leather, paper, cardboard and fabrics;

  • cleaning laser systems for the conservation of the cultural heritage

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