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Epica International, Inc.

Phoenix Financial Services

Disrupting Human Healthcare, Veterinary Care and Imaging Capital

Phoenix Financial is a results-oriented revenue cycle management firm powered by data driven analytics and backed by the highest standards in regulatory compliance, quality assurance, data security and customer care. 

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Facilitated Growth

Disrupting Human Healthcare, Veterinary Care and Imaging Capital


Facilitated Growth was engaged by Epica in 2013 with a framework for a business plan and ambitions of disrupting veterinary care and human medical imaging.


After advising through Epica’s first rounds of financing and assisting in negotiation of the acquisition of two international manufacturing companies, Facilitated Growth has proven to be a valued advisor to the company.


Continuing today, Facilitated Growth managing partner, Joe Soto, holds a seat on the board of directors, sits as acting treasurer, and actively advises through Epica’s financial strategy and governance of the business. 


Creative Life Science Capital


SWK Holdings Corporation (“SWK”) is a publicly traded, specialized finance company with a focus on the global healthcare sector. SWK partners with ethical product marketers and royalty holders to provide flexible financing solutions at an attractive cost of capital to create long-term value for both SWK’s business partners and its investors.

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