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Epica International, Inc.

We are the leader in advanced medical imaging and robotic applications for human healthcare, animal health, and industrial enterprises.

Our portfolio of technology companies collaborate to develop and deliver innovative products supported by world-class manufacturing, sales, service and support.


Our Products

SeeFactor CT3™ 

Vimago™ HU | Vimago™ Pico HU | Pegaso™ Evolution

Vimersion™ "Immersive Reality" | VoxelVu™ "Viewer" | Peregrine PACS

SandRob™ | ScultoRob™ | Ortis™



The Industries We Serve

Human Health | Imaging & Robotics

Animal Health | Imaging & Robotics

Orthotics & Prosthetics | Robotic Fabrication

AeroSpace | Robotic Fabrication

Automotive | Robotic Fabrication

General Manufacturing | Robotic Fabrication

Art & Design | Robotic Fabrication

Epica Roboticom's ScultoRob
Epica Roboticom's SandRob
Epica Roboticom's Ortis Essential
Epica Roboticom's Ortis Pro
Epica Roboticom's Ortis Enterprise
Epica Animal Health's Pegaso
Epica Animal Health's Vimago Pico HU
Epica Animal Health's Vimago GT30
Epica Human Health's SeeFactorCT3
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