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Epica International, Inc.

Epica Roboticom

Research, Development, Manufacturing and Integration

​Pisa, Italy

  • Award-winning robotic software control systems

  • Design and manufacture of high quality robotic automation systems for industrial applications 

  • Custom software development and programming

  • Automated robotic solutions for labor-intensive industrial processes

Epica Human Health

SeeFactor CT3 FDA 510k  Cleared For Human Use
Focused on advanced imaging and surgical assist robotics for the human health market.
South Carolina, USA

  • Experts in advanced robotic CT imaging systems for human markets

  • Delivers ultra high resolution imaging platforms that drive more precise diagnosis and theraputic intervention 

Epica Animal Health

Focusing on advanced imaging in the veterinary market
South Carolina, USA

  • Experts in advanced robotic CT imaging systems for veterinary, academic and life science markets

  • Our imaging platforms delivers market leading image resolution driving better diagnosis and better surgical outcomes with less radiation dose

Products: Ortis Essential


Telemedicine Reading Service and Education for the Veterinary Market

South Carolina, USA

  • Board-certified and experienced

  • High Definition Volumetric Imaging Radiologists

  • Proprietary Epica PACS Solutions


Research, Development and Manufacturing

Florence, Italy

  • Leading research, development and production of of ultra high resolution imaging technologies for human and animal health care

  • Developers of advanced. scalable technology for surgical planning, navigation and physician assist robotics

Products: Ortis Essential
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