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 Robotic Platforms


Industrial & medical robotic automation platforms to improve production quality, quantity, safety, and profitability.

Human Imaging Platform


Mobile, Multi-Modality (HDVI CT, Fluoroscopy, DR) Platform that includes HDVI, Fluoroscopy and Digital Radiography. FDA 510(k) Cleared For Human Use and CE Mark.


Imaging Platforms

Mobile, Multi-Modality (HDVI CT, Fluoroscopy, DR) Platform that includes HDVI, Fluoroscopy and Digital Radiography.

Products: Ortis Essential

Epica International, Inc.

Since 2013, Epica International has been developing the world’s most innovative mobile and multimodality (HDVI-CT, Fluoroscopy and DR), “point of care anywhere”, ultra-high-resolution, diagnostic, and interoperative imaging platform solutions available supporting animal health and pre-clinical research.  Epica’s Animal Health Imaging Platforms are capable of identifying sub 0.2mm lesions and anatomies as small as the vasculature of a hummingbird with less radiation dose and cost.  Epica’s Animal Health Division is the definitive market leader in this important imaging category with more than 400 Epica Vimago™ and Pegaso™ deployments in veterinary, academia, government life science, and pharma segments.  

What started as a multidisciplinary team of surgeons, imaging scientists, and robotic technologists focused on the development of an alternative to the shortcomings of conventional CT imaging also led to the development of our first Human Imaging Platform, SeeFactor CT3™.  SeeFactor CT3™ (FDA 510k cleared and CE Marked), is a mobile, multimodality (HDVI-CT, Fluoroscopy, DR), non-interpolated, volumetric, “point of care anywhere”, ultra-high-resolution diagnostic and intraoperative imaging platform capable of identifying sub 0.2mm lesions with less radiation dose and cost. Our human imaging platform development efforts have evolved into 28 issued patents, 47 pending patents, and initial deployments in acute and non-acute healthcare environments. 
Our ultra-high-precision industrial robotics division, Roboticom™, is perhaps the world’s best-kept secret in industrial robot automation, integration, and applications.  With more than 200 world-class industrial customers representing automotive, aerospace, defense, general manufacturing, and healthcare industries, Roboticom™ offers a broad portfolio of automated industrial robotic platforms including SandRob™, ScultoRob™, and Ortis™ for ultra-high-precision surface sanding, cutting, and carving in virtually any material from composites to metals and natural materials.  With its own proprietary robot software control system, unique off-line programming capabilities, and 20 years of advanced development experience, any Roboticom™ platform offers a powerful pathway to production automation, better employee utilization, quality, repeatability, safety, and improved ROI.  Roboticom’s “off-line programming” capability alone often allows our customers to run automation with a single, non-engineering, non-programming employee.  Epica’s “SandRob™” is ABB’s automated robotic sanding platform of choice worldwide.  
As a company, Epica International and its subsidiaries remain focused on the democratization of access to the world’s most advanced mobile medical imaging and industrial robot automation. 

Our Commitment to Innovation

With over 84 granted and pending patents, Epica International is strongly committed to progress and innovation in human health, animal health, and industrial robotics. Our unique technology companies collaborate to develop advanced and beneficial product solutions globally.  

Our Vision

As a global leader in precision robotics, industrial automation, and medical imaging platforms, Epica International designs, develops and distributes progressive robotic systems that guide and assist users, ensure accuracy, and strengthen outcomes. By fusing CT imaging and precision robotics into one fully integrated platform, we deliver diagnostic and therapeutic applications for optimal therapeutic outcome.

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