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SeeFactor CT3™


The World’s First Ultra-High Resolution, Mobile, Multi-Modality Point-of-Care Imaging Platform

EPICA’s SeeFactorCT3™ is our newest mobile and multi-modality  HDVI imaging platform designed to deliver gapless, non-interpolated data for diagnostic, interventional & intraoperative usage in human imaging. SeeFactorCT3™ offers the highest spatial resolution, lowest noise compared to any clinical 3D imaging system in the market.

Unlike conventional CT systems, SeeFactorCT3™ provides non-interpolated (gapless, 100% real) image data delivering extraordinary isotropic image resolution as fine as 0.09mm on soft & hard tissue, lesion detection as small as 0.2mm and EPICA MicroRad Technology to significantly reduce the radiation dose received by the patient and surrounding healthcare delivery team.

SeeFactorCT3™ allows clinicians to view 2D and 3D images in axial, sagittal, and coronal planes – because of this, SeeFactor CT3™ studies can be easier to read than radiographs.

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