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Entry-level configuration for orthopedic workshops
Ideal for the pediatric market. Suitable for workshops with medium production needs. Average daily production of 10 models. Working area: 24x600x1000 mm (24x24x40 in)

  • Aluminum box encloses the system, minimizing dust and noise

  • Requires limited installation area - industrial floor needed

  • Manual tool change with presetting laser for tool length measurement.

Products: Ortis Essential




Intermediate configuration for increased production. Achieves an average daily production of 10-15 models. Working area: 28x28x48 in. Meets various production needs. Offers different variants to standard configuration. 

  • Installed on an industrial floor with walls and partitions

  • Contains robot, turntable, and presetting laser within access area

  • Standard configuration includes manual tool change.

Products: Ortis Professional




Maximized productivity configuration. Achieves an average daily production of 20 models or more. No limitations or compromises on the working area: 1200x1200x1800 mm. Installed on an industrial floor with walls and partitions. Offers maximum automation and efficiency.

  • Includes a robot with a maximum reach of over 2 meters

  • Features a turntable and toolbox (up to 10 tool positions)

  • Equipped with a presetting laser

Distinctive feature: Powerful electro spindle with automatic tool change.

Products: Ortis Enterprise



ScultoRob™ is a 7 axis robotic system for milling and turning operations on models and prototypes made of wide range of materials from Marble and stone to wood, Styrofoam and other light materials. ScultoRob can be used as a flexible milling center, combined with the versatility and easiness of ARPP®, the software expressly developed to bring out all its potential.

Roboticom takes pride in being among the first companies to develop robotic systems targeting the artistic marble industry.



SandRob™ is the only robotic solution addressing the needs of all surface finishing processes: sanding, polishing and trimming of complex shapes of any scale or size. An active force feedback system allows to precisely control the force exerted on the treated surface, to achieve different results on the same work-piece, all while the speed control is continuously controlled via software.

  • Consistent Quality Output Every time

  • Safe & Risk-free Working Conditions

  • Significant Increase in Output Quantity

  • Significant Reduction in Waste (Time & Material)

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