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College of Southern Nevada Vet Tech Program Uses VIMAGO™ to Diagnose Injured Hawk

Published (20.03.2019) via

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Students in the Veterinary Technology program at the College of Southern Nevada had a special visitor in the clinic earlier this month: a 22-year-old Harris Hawk named Zara.

Under the direction of program Director Dr. Dennis Olsen, students assisted in a CT scan of the bird, who injured a talon and was having trouble gripping with her claw. It’s the first time a bird has been put in the state-of-the-art Vimago veterinary CT scan machine, one of only two Vimago systems in the state of Nevada.

Zara and her owner, Alfonso Uceda, came to the lab through Dr. Dominic Cacioppo. Cacioppo owns Park Animal Hospital.

The two suspected Zara had suffered a strained tendon during a recent hunting excursion, but Cacioppo didn’t have the appropriate equipment in his practice to get a good look.

The Vimago machine, which CSN purchased in mid 2016, allowed for better imaging of the area. Read the full story


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