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Dr. Gary Norsworthy Releases 4th Edition "The Feline Patient."

Published (07.03.2019) via

Epica Animal Health Customer, Dr. Gary Norsworthy, DVM, DABVP, recently published the 4th edition of 'The Feline Patient'. Dr. Norsworthy is one of the leading experts in feline veterinary care, and has presented more than 300 lectures on the topic.

The Feline PatientFourth Edition maintains its tradition of providing a comprehensive yet accessible reference to feline diseases. Topics are arranged alphabetically within sections, allowing busy clinicians to rapidly find information on diagnostics and treatment options, all specific to the unique needs of cats.

Now bigger and better than ever, the user-friendly Fourth Edition offers a wealth of reliable, up-to-date information for managing feline patients.

This revision includes more than 500 additional clinical photographs and 84 new chapters, with significant expansions to the behavior, clinical procedures, and surgery sections. CT and MRI modalities have been added to the imaging section, already the most extensive collection of feline radiographs and ultrasounds in print. The Feline Patient, Fourth Edition  is an essential resource for all practitioners seeing feline patients. Learn more about the book here.


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