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Epica International Announces FDA Clearance for SeeFactor CT3™: A Leap Forward in Diagnostic Imaging

Epica International, Inc. is proud to announce a significant achievement for its subsidiary, Epica Human Health. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted 510(k) clearance for expanded use of the SeeFactor CT3™, enhancing its diagnostic imaging capabilities and providing healthcare professionals with advanced, precise, and versatile imaging solutions.

Empowering Healthcare Professionals Across the Board

The SeeFactor CT3™ offers robust imaging solutions, including detailed visualization for the head, neck, limbs, portions of the thorax, spine, and pelvic bones. This expanded clearance supports more comprehensive diagnostic and treatment planning, aligning with Epica International's commitment to advancing healthcare technology.

Extended Capabilities and Applications:

  • Enhanced Imaging for Critical Areas: Specialists can now achieve more precise diagnoses with detailed visualization of bony structures in key areas.

  • Versatile and High-Resolution Imaging: The device’s capabilities include a 62.5cm gantry bore and 30cm field of view, delivering high-resolution 2D and 3D images.

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Tool: With digital radiography and fluoroscopy, the SeeFactor CT3™ supports a wide range of clinical applications, improving patient outcomes.

Designed for Clinical Precision and Flexibility

The healthcare industry is evolving, with a growing demand for precise and versatile imaging solutions. The SeeFactor CT3™ meets these needs, providing a robust tool for enhancing diagnostic workflows and patient care. Epica International continues to lead in delivering cutting-edge technology that supports healthcare providers' commitment to high-quality care.

Joe Soto, CEO of Epica International, Inc., remarked, “This is another significant achievement by Epica's regulatory team. These additional indications for use further illustrate our technology's expanding capabilities.”

Read the full release here.


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