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First Aerospace Installation Of Roboticom's Surface Finishing Robot SandRob

Published (09.07.2019) via

Roboticom is proud to announce the first aerospace installation of our SandRob surface finishing robot. This is an application designed for the processing of carbon panels that make up the cockpit of the aircraft. The installation took place at the production plant in Queretaro in Mexico of the Canadian company Delastek, leader in this industry.

For some years now, the aerospace industry in Mexico has been growing strongly, thanks to major investments and the concentration of the production of components, which will be re-exported to North America and Europe for final assembly.

With the aim of hitting this target market, Roboticom is attending the Mexico’s Aerospace Summit (booth #54), scheduled in Queretaro (Mexico) August 14-15, 2019.

An event that brings together the largest producers in the aerospace industry for two days of B2B meetings, exhibitions and visits to larger factories. An additional opportunity to reach the big players and partners in this market and to show them the potential of our robotic systems.


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