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It’s Carnival Time For Roboticom!

Published (29.01.2019) via

The introduction of our system ScultoRob has attracted a great deal of curiosity around the company named Concept Evénementiel: a robotic technology has been introduced in the production of floats of Nice Carnival for the first time ever.

ScultoRob works alongside the masters of the carnival, taking care of the operations of roughing and shape definition, leaving the skilled hands of the artists to carry out all the details.

An enormous help, especially in terms of reducing time. The robot works continuously, including the night, milling blocks of polystyrene placed on a rotating table and moving on a 23’ track, for larger works.

The local press has welcomed this technological revolution with huge enthusiasm, showing all its potential. Here there are the links to some of the reports on TV and the press articles dedicated to ScultoRob:


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