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ORTIS™ Covid-19 Payment Deferment Program + Section 179 Tax Savings

Special Offer

With attractive tax incentives and our special financing option, the timing to purchase an Ortis system cannot get better:

1. Covid-19 Payment Deferment Program By financing your equipment purchase through our banking partners, you can take advantage of a special financing option:
  • $0 down payment

  • $0 payment for the first 6 months

Simply put, you can acquire this technology for only $0 down and $0 payment for the first 6 months while taking advantage of an amazing tax deduction allowance available to you via Section 179.

2. Section 179 Tax savings The Section 179 Deduction has a real impact on bringing down your equipment costs. The Section 179 Deduction for 2020 is $1,040,000. This means you can deduct the full cost of qualifying equipment, up to $1,040,000 from your taxes.  Section 179 always expires at midnight on December 31st. So to take advantage of Section 179 this year, you must buy/lease your equipment, and put it into use by the end of this year.

About ORTIS™

ORTIS is a robotic milling system expressly aimed at the orthopedic industry, allowing to create any model (positive or negative) for the production of orthoses and custom prostheses. ORTIS Systems are bundled with our famous ARPP software for easy operation and compatibility with any CAD software capable of exporting the models in 3D formats. Why ORTIS?

  • ORTIS is the first carving robotic solution introduced in the orthopedic market in 2008.

  • Over 100 active ORTIS systems in four different continents and 10 different countries

  • Local Customer Service support for the customers in the US and Europe.

ORTIS Systems are designed in three different main configurations to adapt to the customer needs, based on the product type, size, and production process.


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